FNBX Professional Elastic Ultra 180 Inch Hand Wraps

  • Ultra High Quality Material - Ultra High Quality Elastic Cotton Blend Allows for Optimal Thickness and Comfort
  • 180 Inches Length - FNBX 180" Wraps Allows Enough Material to Properly Pad the Knuckles, Anchor the Thumb and Lock in the Wrist.
  • High Quality Parallel Stitching for Optimal Stretch - FNBX Wraps Provide Enough Stretch to Maintain a Snug Wrap Throughout the Entire Training - Thick Rubber Strong Velcro Strap for Extra Wrist Protection and Clean Secure Way to Fasten The Wrap to the Wrist.
  • Durable, Long-Lasting, Reusable and Machine Washable - FNBX Quality Wraps can Last For Years if Maintained Properly. Store Wraps in a FNBX Hand Wrap Roller/Case (Available on Amazon) to Keep Wraps Wrinkle Free and Safe After Use.
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